Sturgeon Rest Home History

Ross Prevo
Ross Prevo and Stephanie Wika took over as Owners of Sturgeon Rest Home on October 01, 2011. Ross has operated a Residential Care Facility in the past and they continue to provide high quality care and services in the home like environment that Sturgeon Rest Home has developed a reputation for.

Sturgeon Rest Home was opened on October 1st., 1976 by John and Ruth Troyer.  John and Ruth purchased an old Victorian style home at the corner of North Audrain Street and East Stone Street in northeast Sturgeon and added a wing which included seven bedrooms, two restrooms, and a tub and shower room.  Ten residents were transferred from the Centralia Rest Home that the Troyers owned and operated in Centralia.

Roger and Virginia Martin, purchased Sturgeon Rest Home on January 1st., 1980.

Roger graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York with a degree in Industrial Management.  He also graduated from Southern University in Collegedale, TN in 1973.  He earned a B.S. degree in psychology with a social work emphasis.  Previous experience includes: warehouse manager for Shuron-Continental Optical Company for four years, and warehouse manager for Collegedale Distributors in Ooltewah, TN for six years.

Virginia graduated from Union College in Lincoln, NE in 1968 with a B.S. degree in Nursing.  Previous experience includes: staff nursing in hospitals for two years in TX, NE, and TN.  For four and a half years she taught nursing in the associate degree nursing programs at Cleveland State Community College in Cleveland, TN and at Southern University at Collegedale, TN.

Although Roger and Virginia were both new to this type of work, they soon learned that the most important things were to keep the residents healthy, clean, well-fed, and happy.  By doing this, residents will stay a long time.  Currently, about half of our residents have been with us over five years.  One was with us over eighteen years.  There was a thirteen month period where we had the same twenty residents.

Roger and Virginia began remodeling the inside of the facility when they purchased the business in 1980.  Other major improvements were started later and are listed in chronological order below.

Major Improvements to the Building

    Installed Central Fire Alarm System with 24 Hour Monitoring
    Installed Central Air Conditioning
    Spring - Installed Fluorescent Lighting throughout the building
    Summer - Installed Central Security System
    Fall - Converted Garage into recreation room for residents and a smaller room for freezers and an extra refrigerator
Fluorescent Lighting Before and After Photos

Recreation Room Before and After Photos

    Front porch rebuilt with CCA deck lumber
    Installed new roof (changed from white shingles to black shingles)
    July - Completely Remodeled Kitchen
    August - Installed new furnaces
    Fall - Installed Vinyl siding and new energy efficient windows
Kitchen Before and After Photos

Building Exterior Before and After Photos

    Spring - New Business Sign
    Summer - Paved Driveway
    Fall - Landscaping (Yard of the month May of 1996)
    Winter - Started construction of new addition on west end of building
Driveway and Business Sign Before and After Photos

    Spring - Completed new addition (two bedrooms, and two bathrooms)
    Winter - Completed new storage garage in back of building
New Addition Before and After Photos

    June - Replaced Central Fire Alarm and Security Systems
    Summer - Remodeled Front Entryway
    Christmas - Decorated outside of building first time
Christmas Decorations

The inside of the building has been remodeled several times since 1980

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